Posted on: June 12, 2010 10:45 am

Dear A&M: Start drilling your own well in the SEC

Of all the teams in the Big 12 or whats remaining of it, which I guess is only time at this point, A&M has the most to gain. Not only for the University which has doubled its enrollment since the 70's, and will continue to have an alum base growing every year in a passionate state that loves to donate to football, but also A&M has a chance to provide the first link to the only remaining frontier in College Football...the states of Florida and Texas in one conference for the first time on the highest stage in College Football. An A&M move to the SEC gives instant national relevance to a program for the most part not nationally recognized outside of Texas due to the shadow of UT. WE all know A&M is the sleeping giant when it comes to resources, alumni base, a Dallas/Houston Media Market, and more importantly the only SEC school (if it happens) with sole ownership Texas recruits for the SEC.
Traditions are great, but we watched NU and OU stop their annual thanksgiving day game and time rolled on. A&M and UT could still play every year out of conference.

This is the best move A&M could ever make, they are poised to become a power house if they move to the SEC not immediately, but within a decade or two. The only tradition A&M should consider is becoming a potential powerhouse in College Football which starts by playing in the most prestigious and talent rich conference in the country.
Go for it! I think the Old Bear would agree, you won't find the same competition outside of the SEC, nor will you get a chance to have autonomy over your destiny as you will in the SEC. UT out west gives A&M the distinct advantage of staying put in the south.

Stay away from the trap of the PAC-16, and become the A&M you should be in the SEC, this is without a doubt UT's biggest fear as it should be for any team that plays in the same region. The Aggies are sitting on an untapped oil field, quit sitting and start drilling!
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Posted on: June 12, 2010 10:41 am

14 Years later Bevo's pen returns to size

This is the best moment for Nebraska since the '97 Title, and the worst for Texas since getting shellacked 65-13 against Oklahoma. It appears good riddance to Stalin U in a conference sense or Texas...they now must go bleed orange with no monopoly on league offices, championship sites, and not to mention a monopoly on the big 12 media rights, which they refused to divide evenly like every other conference...Good luck trying that power play with PAC-10 schools like USC. Everything was bigger in Texas as they say, however that's no longer the case, good riddance everyone except Texas Tech appears to be saying. Even their perceptual little buddy A&M seems fed up of it and is looking at their own future in the SEC.

How soon we forget....14 years ago Texas was nationally irrelevant and looking for a conference to rebuild their reputation...remember those days when Texas lost the SWC to Baylor and TCU...were getting trounced by UCLA 66-3 at home? They had an opportunity and instead of building the life blood long term; thought narrowly about taking the riches in the now. Well, welcome to the NOW, you did it to yourself Austin. Nebraska joins the most historic (not better in football than the SEC) but most tradition rich and tradition elite conference in all of college football most likely to add Notre Dame soon. You can only take the ENRON approach so long before you collapse in on yourself. Enjoy playing up at Pullman a stadium of 35 thousand bleachers in October?..not to far from Boise actually. Oh, and your media revenue, have fun splitting that too, evenly, with teams in the Pacific Northwest.

Bevo's pen just got a lot smaller...grazing on anyone's land is no longer an option for Texas.
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